Canine Leadership System

Where "Good Boy", "Good Girl" become the most important words when training your dog. The exciting and new alternative to food based training which will allow you to achieve control and your dog learn self-control. The training deals with all types of problems that can arise when owning a dog. All training is done under distraction so your dog will learn how to deal with day-to-day situations.

Using the Canine Leadership System I am able to help you gain leadership and trust and establish communication with your dog.

"There has always been something missing - training that provided good manners in day-to-day situations under distraction. Using the Canine Leadership System I am able to show owners how to guide their dog to learn to achieve this." June Page.

"If you lead, they will follow!
A proven, effective dog obedience training and 'Good Behaviour' Shaping system based on the practical language of reinforcements and rewards."
By Greg Fontana
(Training Director, Alpha Canine Group, Victoria)